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Subject: RE: [Leica] Re: leica crack heads now collectors
From: "Kit McChesney | acmefoto" <>
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 18:18:37 -0700


I think we're talking the same language. I love my noisy Hassy, love my '86
BMW Boxer, my Yamaha Grand, and my Leicas, and I use them all, and love 'em,
too. Funny, they're all black and shiny. ;-)


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Sent: Friday, February 28, 2003 5:45 PM
Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: leica crack heads now collectors

Well, no I have never considered talking to my camera's.  Line them up, err
no.  Put them under glass, not!  Shove them in a non too clean Domke, pull
them out in the rain, shove them in the mud to get a lower angle, yes, all
the time.

But I do appreciate something well built.  There is nothing like the sound
of a Ferrari Boxer going over 7000 RPM.  There is nothing like the sound of
16 Wasp radials coughing to life, then smoothing out into a roar.  Hearing
and feeling an MP going through a 36 exposure roll in under twenty seconds
shooting a short track bike race.  Shoot, even a manual Blad has a wonderful
feel as the shutter closes, that big old mirror bangs up, blind opens, and
the shutter cycles.  Even pulling the cork of an old bottle of Scotch and
smelling the first waft of aroma has a level of connoisseur to it.

On a hot southern day, stopping at an old time store where the Coke has been
on ice all day, prying the top off a bottle and taking a very refreshing

I could go on...


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