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Subject: Re: [Leica] About businesses
From: "Rob McClure" <>
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 19:58:10 -0500
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I have had great success with KEH when buying Canon FD equipment.  They are
almost always much less than e*** and their "bargain" rating is very
conservative -- always very nice stuff.  The Leica equipment at KEH seems to
be more or less equivalent in price to the auction but you can return it
more easily if there's a problem.  My best deal was a "bargain" Leica grip
for only $35 a few years ago.  It appeared to be new.

Rob McClure

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Sent: Wednesday, January 22, 2003 1:46 PM
Subject: [Leica] About businesses

> Perhaps I reported this a long time ago, but if so, it's worth repeating.
> When I decided to make the plunge into Leica, not easy on a retired
> budget, I phoned B & H and they had an M6 classic and an M6 TTL for
> $100 more.  I decided on the TTL. Then I asked about a 35 mm lens.
> The salesman said that he had one, but that it was pretty worn and I
> had just bought a very nice camera.  He said he didn't want to sell
> me such a beat up lens.
> I couldn't believe it.  A salesman turning down a sale!  For the next
> few weeks, I phoned B&H, but nothing had come in, and I finally
> bought one from KEH.
> I was also impressed with KEH.  I ordered both the lens and a lens
> hood.  The hood got temporarily lost in the packing, and I thought
> they had omitted it.  I phoned, and they said they would send me
> another.  A few minutes later, I found the hood, called them back to
> tell them to forget it.  That was also amazing--their willingness to
> take my word for it that a fifty buck item had been overlooked.
> Herb
> Original message-----------------
> I just heard back from Henry at B&H and he has already followed up with
> people at Leica USA on this.
> He seemed every bit as concerned as I and evidently Leica USA is also very
> intereseted.
> Henry has assured me that I will be getting a brand new M7, not the one I
> returned. He even went the extra mile and will refund my shipping cost for
> sending it back.
> I thank Henry for his help and applaud the ability of a large company like
> B&H to please the customer and make it right.
> I know sometimes dealing with a large company the size of B&H can be
> frustrating, but making Henry aware of this problem made all the
> difference.
> That says a lot about Henry and for B&H.
> Tom Henson
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