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Subject: Re: [Leica] Loose Top Plate on M7
From: Jerry Lehrer <>
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 21:58:51 -0800
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Y'know, in the "Leica Camera Repair Handbook" by
Tomosy, he says about the collar around the release
button, "The collar is right-hand threaded, it should
unscrew counter-clockwise". I believe you.


Dennis Painter wrote:

> wrote:
> > Well, now that I think some more about this, it was loose only on the right
> > side.
> >
> > I did gently pull on the left side and it did appear to be tight.
> >
> > This also brings up the fact as to how it would move up and down on the
> > right, but still be tight on the left?
> >
> > Is the top plate held in place by only the one screw at the twelve o'clock
> > position on the lens mounting ring?
> <major snip>
> My understanding is that 5 things have to be unscrewed to remove a top plate.
> Screw in front at the top of the lens mount is the only "visible" one.
> Besides that, the collar around the wind lever must be unscrewed (most likely
> from what you have said that's what was loose); there is a collar under the
> rewind; the collar at the rear eyepiece, and the flash sync. (Not sure about M6
> but definitely the flash syncs on M3-M2)
> It takes special tools to remove these, ask John Collier, and I am surprised he
> didn't weigh in one this one, or I missed it with all the stuff hitting my
> inbox.
> Suffice to say if you could remove the top plate yourself with just a
> screwdriver that the repair folks would be raking in bundles of money for fixing
> your mistake(s) ;-)))
> Oh yes, the collar around the wind lever is reverse threads, just in case you
> want to try it ;-)
> Dennis
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