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Subject: [Leica] M6 & technical pan
From: "m" <>
Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 19:30:32 +0200


unfortunately labs (even good ones) and TP don't mix.

you've got to use Technidol if you want to avoid
nightmarish contrast, very few labs stock it and 
if they do maybe they don't use it because it's not
cost-effective for them to (very very few TP users)

if you really like TP (I'm crazy about it) 
you have to develop it yourself. it's easier than it seems
don't need a professional darkroom, just a tank and two reels
and those cute little yellow bottles of technidol and some fixer

then take the beautiful negs to the lab to make a contact sheet,
or scan them

but please, don't let a lab develop TP. buy your own Technidol,
learn to develop (very easy, you just need an easy to load
plastic  reel)

if you dont want to do that, avoid TP, really

I'm willing to bet it's not overexposure, it's been 
developed in something different than Technidol

I mean Xtol (great for Tri-X and Plus-X) can kill your TP 


>I know from previous posst that some of the members have used Kodak
>Technical Pan in their M6.  I just had a roll developed by a lab and I
>exposed it at ASA25.  Just about every image on the roll is overexposed by
>about one stop. Assuming the lab did not process it incorrectly (I know them
>well and they take great care) is there a nominal speed rating for Technical
>Pan and could I have therefore overexposed the film by a stop, or is it
>variable and one should develop it at the speed it was used?
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