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Subject: [Leica] Leica and digital photography
From: "tm" <>
Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 11:17:38 -0700

This morning I was at the counter of the camera store I give my slide film
to for processing when a man walked in with a simple digital camera and
asked the owner, Mike, "How can I get prints from this camera? I just
returned from Europe and got 800 shots". Mike, shocked, told him, "Digital
prints are $0.60 apiece." The man said, "WHAT? That's $480.00". Mike said,
"Yes. Why didn't you instead shoot with a film camera? The cost would have
been far less per exposure." The man said, "I bought this digital camera at
Costco and they didn't explain anything to me about its nature." Needless to
say, the man is horribly mad and frustrated. Mike showed him an incredible
Provia slide I shot with my R8 and 180 f/2.8 APO lens and the man said, "I
feel like I've been ripped off."

This, in my opinion, shows one result of the camera manufacturers seducing
the American public with full-page newspaper and magazine ads pushing
digital cameras rather than rangefinders and SLRs. In fact, after the man
left the store, Mike told me he just learned Minolta has laid off scores of
film camera sales reps because digital sales have hurt film camera sales
immensely. This seems to indicate the camera manufacturers are shooting
themselves in the foot, especially since the public appears to be mostly
purchasing the lower-priced digital cameras. Caveat emptor!


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