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Subject: Re: [Leica] Just have to share this! :-)
From: Ted Grant <>
Date: Tue, 09 Apr 2002 20:23:15 -0700
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Alastair Firkin wrote:
>>I've decided that the way to being successful, is to ignore the
perceptions of others and concentrate on your own.<<<<<

Without question it's the perception of  "this person is old" because he's
that age and he shouldn't be doing this, that or whatever.

Hell I always equate to Charlie Chaplin siring a child at 83! :-) Now that's
a "damn good on you Charlie!"  Not that I'd be inclined to give it a go at
83. However? What the hell! :-) Why not? Think positive.:-) The bigger trick
is finding a willing participant! ;-)

It's the perception of age negativism that puts numbers before ability of
the person, rather than saying, "Son of a bitch look at that old guy go!  I
hope when I get to his age I'll be that active!"

A very positive thing in the value of photography which many folks don't
think of until you've climbed the age ladder and that is, photography keeps
you mobile and out and about! It keeps you away from the damn idiot box and
sitting down doing nothing because........."you're too old to be doing that,
act your age!"

Well if lugging an M7 around when I'm 96 keeps me from hitting the great
beyond, I'm going to be carrying an M7 for a hell of a long time. :-) And
the first person who says I'm too old is going to get the damnedest whack on
the side of the head from a Leica. :-)

People who are able to get out and be active, then choose to sit or do
little because they're perceived to be old....... die young! :-(  Trust me
there isn't a hope in hell I'm dying young, as I want to wear out this new
M7, so I figure that will take me to near a 101! :-) So that gives me 28
more shooting years! ;-)

And if I don't wear it out by then, well I guess the Big Guy upstairs will
just have to wait a little longer for me! ;-)

See you guys around! :-)

Ted Grant Photography Limited
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Subject: Re: [Leica] Just have to share this! :-)

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> >Guys & gals you know I'm always going on about being the "old guy"
> >after last evening I don't think I'll mention age again! :-)  I'm not old
> >enough! ;-)
> >ted
> Of course not, sadly, sometimes its not how old we feel or act, but
> how old others perceive us to be. Ask older sportsmen, who are
> dropped off team lists etc. >
> Cheers
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> Alastair Firkin
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