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Subject: Re: [Leica] M7 heaven! :-)
From: D Khong <>
Date: Fri, 05 Apr 2002 06:04:16 +0800
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What you have described reminds me of the experiences that I have with my 
Hexar RF. The AE really catches those pics and brings the bacon home. You 
will find that frame after frame is so evenly  exposed that you will have 
little need for exposure adjustment throughout the whole roll in the darkroom.

I am still using my Hexar and wait patiently for the price of the M7 to 

Dan K.

At 11:34 PM 4/3/02 -0800, you wrote:
>M7 heaven! :-)
>Well OK maybe a bit of an exaggeration, however, it is very nice to work
>with. Mine arrived this a.m. as planned, as she who must be obeyed was out
>doing her thing! ;-)
>So far I've popped a roll through it and will soup in the morning, the
>handling doesn't feel any different than an M6. But the, I hate to use the
>term "AE auto mode" for exposure ....... but it's very interesting and I
>already know it's going to become a dream machine for fast work.
>After a few checks with an M6 and a hand meter against the M7 to see how it
>was reading compared to my normal use of an M6, I was pleasantly surprised.
>If this camera keeps reading exposures as well as it illustrated, I don't
>have any doubt it's going to have a couple of brothers very shortly.
>When I'm concentrating on shooting, the worse thing for me is to use
>different handling cameras, no matter how many thousands of times you've
>handled them individually in the past. If they're not the same functioning
>camera you'll blow pictures turning the dial the wrong way just at the wrong
>Example: Trying to use M4's and M6's with meters at the same time. You put
>the M4 to eye and touch shutter release expecting to light-up meter
>arrowheads, Nada! Momentary confusion, equates to
>missed key moment!
>Now the M6 and M7 combination wont be so bad....other than this auto AE
>thing and then swing up an M6 and ..........OOPS! Bad exposure! Why? Well I
>can see once one becomes accustomed to the AE and reading the shutter speed
>in the viewfinder, one can be completely concentrating only on focus and
>shoot moment.
>Then beginning to rely on that manner of AE setting it could be very easy to
>forget the M6 doesn't do AE, then in a hurried moment that requires a change
>of exposure you just quickly shoot "thinking the camera is doing the AE
>thing." By the time you've realized your error, re-set shutter or aperture,
>the moment is lost forever..
>So two more M7's shortly and the M6's will go.......? ;-) Don't rush,
>they're spoken for. ;-)
>Having used M's of all kinds and M6's with meters since 1985, I'm not having
>any squigglies in the handling of the M7, it's just another M camera with a
>couple extra bells and whistles that will make my life easier as a
>Updates later.
>Ted Grant Photography Limited
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