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Subject: [Leica] Daddy Please Put the lens cap on! XTOL results
From: "Robert G. Stevens" <>
Date: Sat, 05 Jan 2002 23:14:52 -0400
References: <> <> <013f01c1962a$c8877d40$> <01bc01c1962f$3249a100$3127fea9@sonc>

All the talk of XTOL made me take a couple of rolls of TMAX 400 and shoot 
them over the last two days.

Being more interested in seeing the results of the XTOL than taking the 
pictures, I did as most people do, take pictures of their kids or their 
cats.  I sat Gordon in a big black LazyBoy chair and took pictures of 
him.  After about two minutes he said "Please put the lens cap on and stop 
taking my picture!"  It is funny the things a three year old can say.

The pictures were taken with a Noctilux, 75mm Summilux, and 90mm 
Tele-Elmarit-M.  The Noctilux and Summilux were shot at f1.4 @ 1/60th and 
the Tele-Elmarit was shot at f2.8 @ 1/15.   The negatives were scanned with 
no correction.  These were all handheld, so make no great judgements 
regarding the sharpness of the lenses.  My preference is the 75mm 
Summilux.  The pose is better than the rest.  The Noctilux just will not 
focus close enough.  The Tele-Elmarit is probably the sharpest and most 

These pictures are at the link below:

A link to all three pictures in an 800x600 image:

For those with high speed internet, the tiff files are at:

This was my first try at XTOL in a while.  The negatives seem to look 
pretty good, not thin as in the past.  I developed the TMAX 400 at 1:1 and 
8:47 using a Jobo.  I used 600ml of solution in the tank.  When I get some 
time I will scan some and see what I think of them.  The Gordon pictures 
look pretty good, but I need to look at some more of the images of the two 
rolls to decide.




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