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Subject: Re: [Leica] re: first lens?
From: Walter S Delesandri <>
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 13:58:59 -0600 (Central Standard Time)

> other 'classic' RF gear?--or perhaps Rolleiflex/Graphic/etc in your youth?
> Enquiring minds want to know (or maybe they're just bored on Friday morning
> with nothing better to do....) <<<<<<
> Hi Walt,
> By all means here's the 324 page summary! ;-)
> First camera..... May 27 1950....Argus A2, gift from my wife and I still
> have it.
Good God, man you've been "through" it all!!!
(I did have to ask didn't I!!!)

WEll, I thought you'd have quite a list, and it was all interesting reading.
As you've advised all of us "youngsters", tho....I'm sure you'd have "made it"
with a 50mm lens on that ol' argus
 (BTW the "brick" is the C3, and I have 
one in perfect working order...I've even shot a roll with it!!!--and you know 
what, they were good negatives...but I wasn't in a bar in the dark, either!)

Thanks, and have a great weekend, 
Walt in Denton

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