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Subject: Re: [Leica] Briefcase (Point and Shoot)
From: "Mark Pope" <>
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 18:34:12 -0000
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Hello Don,

I can't disagree with you, but I have tried getting my M in my briefcase.
I must either a) have too small a case or b) carry way too much stuff in it.
Anyway, things have gone walkabout from our office - mobile telephones,
PDAs, that sort of thing.  One of the many downsides of working in a large
open plan office.  I wouldn't want my M to go the same way.  I prefer to
keep it with me all of the time.  I don't mind so much about losing the GR1
this way, although I would still be pretty gutted.  A new M and 35 ASPH or
50 'cron would be a helluva lot to replace in one go, even with insurance
cover.  Being a relatively new M user - I bought in March this year, I still
haven't acquired the slighty more laissez faire attitude that seems to come
with longer term ownership.  Yes, I know It's a tool and a damn fine one at
that, but I still feel nervous about losing or damaging 2500 worth of gear
in one hit.  I think it was Kyle that said that once you have dinged your
camera it doesn't seem to matter after that - I haven't got there yet...

All the best


P.S.  I'm off out to pick up my wife from work now - and my M is coming too!
Time to try and grab some night shots of Christmas shoppers...
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From: "Don Lawrence" <>
To: <>
Sent: 13 December 2001 16:15
Subject: [Leica] Briefcase (Point and Shoot)

> Hi Mark,
> I have to disagree with you on the briefcase point. The Leica M cameras
> designed
> and constructed to be rugged. My M6 is in the briefcase almost everyday.
> Sure it has given the cosmetics a few minor bumps and bruises but has not
> effected
> performance one iota.
> For me the only reason to have the T4, is to ready when I need auto-focus,
> auto-exposure,
> and convenient and effective fill flash.
> But, if I have time to set exposure and focus, the Leica is there and
> to go.
> Regards
> Don
> >Fair point, but there is no way that I could (or would want to) put my M6
> >and lens in my briefcase.  What's more, the aforementioned cameras will
> >fit into a shirt pocket AND can deliver the goods.  The optics may not be
> >Leica, but they are pretty good.
> >Mark Pope
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