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Subject: [Leica] FOM2 and PAW
From: Alastair Firkin <>
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 13:16:53 +1100
References: <>

Michael E. Berube wrote:

>>>  Well thanks to both you and Jo for the kind words but unfortunately
>  Alastair, the admired image was taken with a Nikon FM2n and 50/1.8 and not
>  my Leica so it couldn't be used for this FOM project honestly. :-(<<<<


You are a gentleman of honour for admitting it wasn't shot with a Leica and
for not submitting it because of that reason.. Thank you.

Thanks for this bit of honesty ;-) I hope everyone realizes that I do 
not limit the FOM2 submissions out of Leica pride alone. I too have 
some good shots from last year confined to my own gallery walls 
(Rollei 35S and X_pan), but the limitation has proved "practical" in 
that I'm not sure I could have coped with too much more than the 775 
images we ended up with. If you want to see some of my recent NONFOM2 
work, try the Rollei site, where I have some images of the b/w work 
I'm trying to "master" in the darkroom -- its a steep learning curve 
at least it is for me ;-) Comments welcome at the site or anywhere 
for that matter ;-)

Images are now coming in for year 2. Anyone who feels strong enough 
can post already. The site will be a bit slow while we finish the 
judging for year one, so please leave your image on your own site for 
a bit longer to give me time to set up the data files for storage 
with Tim. Thanks to all who have and are judging year one. Leica have 
joined us to help separate the final choice -- this should stop me 
carrying some of the flack ;-)

Cheers and here's luck
- --
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