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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: WAS:noctilux halloween images NOW: bend the knees.
From: "Ted Grant" <>
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 07:42:46 -0800
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Eric wrote:
>>> Dang, put a smile on my face.  Not because you couldn't get
> but because you just keep on going.  With your attitude, it's no wonder
> you've been so successful.  My folks are almost your age, but you're
> circles around them!<<<<<

Hi Eric,
Thanks. :-)  However, there are days you really don't want to hear about.

I look at it this way, it's something I dearly love, so some days I take a
look around the old town until something catches my eye, I make some
exposures and move on when the motivating moment has passed. That usually
means the light has changed.  That's the easy days.

Then there are the days when "it's real time shooting" and one must deliver
like one is expected to, a professional with no aches or pains and not able
to get up off the floor.  I wont call those work days simply because it's
not work if you love what you do.

And given I've had a 50 year love affair with the greatest companion one can
have, apart from my wife and family, it's photography. Heck it would be nice
if the Leicas, photography and me could go on for another 50! Now that's a
tough call. ;-)

But I'm looking at another 20 anyway that should be easy, why not? Hell I'll
only be 92! Eisenstaedt was shooting at 96, granted simple things, when he
moved on to the big Darkroom, so why not me? :-)

If we have a goal that's something to reach for and making it happen becomes
easier. My goal since the passing of Eisenstaedt has been to beat him, at
least by a day or year. It's like a competition thing. :-) Yep too much
fixer fumes! ;-)

It's called the art of positive thinking. Now if I could only get the old
body to think that way some days, then the M6 and Noctilux wouldn't feel
like I've got a 400mm 2.8 hanging on my neck. ;-)

Ted Grant Photography Limited

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