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Subject: [Leica] WAS:noctilux halloween images NOW: bend the knees.
From: "Ted Grant" <>
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 06:38:38 -0800
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John R. Fulton Jr wrote:
>>> Good advice, Ted.
> I attended (in the stands) a college football game Saturday. I was
> stunned to see all (three) of the photographers standing up shooting
> the game.<<<<<<

Hi John,
Thank goodness for your post, no one thinks to bend their knees for picture
taking anymore. Hell if an old guy like me at 72 can get down to shoot field
sports or indoor court sports for stronger more dynamic angles of action and
size, I can't understand why all these young guys and gals can't get their
ass to the grass!

Watch football on a weekend and nearly everyone of them with their
300-400-600mm lenses are standing, lens on a monopod. It's a non angle! As
all the action is minimized instead of having power and strength.  You also
get rid of annoying backgrounds from that angle.

It's easy for the youngun's to get back up.They should see me roll onto all
4's and start the "get up and go" from that position. :-) It's a picture in
itself! :-)

The other day I was shooting a kids basketball game at a local school and
squatted down in the corner of the gym, then couldn't get up. :-) Hell of a
sight, this old man trying to clutch the wall for a hand grip, never mind
that there was an R8 and two M6's lying on the floor.

So I waved one of the teachers over for a hand, some had a good laugh at my
expense, :-) but what the hell who cares.  If your going to shoot something
at least start from the right angle or don't do it at all!

It's either they don't think perspective or they're not being taught the
best shooting angles in these fancy photo schools.

Perspective isn't just sports, it's shooting kids also. Too many adults
stand at their 5' 10" whatever and look down, rather than getting their butt
to the deck at the child's level to find magical big eyed photographs.

Bend those knees lads and lasses, your pictures will take on new meaning.
Ted Grant Photography Limited

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