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Subject: Re: [Leica] Coffee (was: Cleaning the LS-2000 (was: Nathan's PAW 44 - Halloween))
From: "Aram Langhans" <>
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 13:51:30 -0800

>Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 07:45:40 -0500
>From: "Dan Post" <>
>Message-ID: <003f01c1678a$1c8c7780$>
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>you have to remember now, only ONE scoop of coffee per cup- only ONE!>
>Dan (Call me TWEAK!) Post

That reminds me of a coffee incident that happened to me in college.  I was
not (am still not) a coffee drinker, nor do I drink pop or any other
caffeine beverage (Milk for me).  It was the night before I had a killer day
of finals.  7:00 Comparative Anatomy, 10:00 Comparative Vertebrate Histology
lab final and 1:00 Biological Oceanography.  A friend of mine who was in the
histology class and I hid out in Johnson Hall (this is at the University of
Washington in 1972) and spent most of the night in the lab looking at
microscope slides of various tissues.  I also took breaks to study for my
other two finals.  At about 3:00 we crashed in the geology lounge.  Woke up
at about 6:20 and snooped around for something to eat.  There was some
instant coffee.  Not being a coffee drinker, but being a great fan of good
hot cocoa, I just figured that 3-4 spoonfuls of the stuff ought to be about
right.  Thought this stuff is pretty bad.  Didn't really know it tasted bad
because of the abundance of coffee.  So, after a few cups of that with
whatever we were able to scrounge up, it was off to my first final.  I
thought I did OK on that one.  By the time the lab final came at 10:00, I
was really wired and I didn't care if I did well or not.  I crashed for the
1:00 final and it was a disaster (or I thought it was).  I ended up passing
them all, but not with flying colors.  Good thing other factors entered into
my grade.

I have another coffee story that came many years later when I was introduced
to expresso for the first and last time, but I'll tell that one later.


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