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Subject: [Leica] Re: Coffee
From: Jim Brick <>
Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2001 17:48:51 -0800
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I agree with you Joe... and I'm only 63 as well!

A number of years ago I was working in the Wilkinson Photo Products booth 
at Photokina. That was the year I bought a motor, in Bonn, for my Leica R3 
(on topic :) At the end of each day we went out to dinner. One evening, we 
went to our favorite Italian restaurant in Köln where we were well known. 
After dinner (which had plenty of wine flowing) everyone had shots of Anis 
liqueur and an espresso-cup of espresso. Dave King, sitting opposite me did 
not like espresso and I really dislike Anis. So we traded. After about six 
rounds (12 Anis' for Dave, 12 espresso's for me,) Dave was blotto and had 
to be carried out. I drove home (Hennef) about 30 minutes away. I was in 
bed by 11pm and my eyes would not shut. I had to put up the external window 
shutter as with the shutter down, it was completely black in my bedroom. 
With the shutter up, street light let my eyes see something other than 
black. I laid there until 6am, zero sleep, got up, took a semi cold shower, 
and went back to work. I was wired all day! Didn't go out that night, went 
to bed. Finally some sleep.


At 04:52 PM 11/7/2001 -0800, Joe Codispoti wrote:
>I will leave digital talk, single-malt musing, and underwear bragging, to
>others, but coffe is my baby.
>My Famosa commercial espresso/cappuccino machine is turned on at 7AM and
>turned off at 10PM.
>In between many cups of coffee, caffè, kave, java or whatever one calls it,
>are savored, either with fomed milk (in AM) Irish cream or brandy (in PM). I
>buy coffee bean from a wholesaler.
>My favorite blends are Ethiopioan, Colombian, Mexican, either in French or
>espresso roast.
>Coffeine is beneficial for migrain headaches. Other chemicals in coffee are
>good to maitain good heart and arterial function. Come to think of it it may
>even be a great substitute for Viagra, but that's many years away for me
>anyway, I am only 63.

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