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Subject: Re: [Leica] photos in europe....
From: Nathan Wajsman <>
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 22:58:58 +0200
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As someone who grew up in Denmark, moved to the US in 1983, became an American
in 1987, and then moved back to Europe in 1995, I feel qualified to comment on

Europeans DO NOT dislike Americans. They are fascinated by them, sometimes
wonder about their strange habits, and are filled with a mix of awe, admiration,
and yes, sometimes mixed with a bit of resentment in the face of the dominance
of the US of the Western world. At times they disagree with certain US
government policies, but so do a lot of Americans! And there is nothing a
Frenchman or a German or a Spaniard loves more than an American who has made an
effort to learn at least a few words in their language.

When I lived in the US I often found it shocking how little Americans know of
Europe (typical introduction when I lived in Florida: "Q: Where are you from? A:
Denmark. Q: Ooooh, do you know so and so? S/he lives in Amsterdam..." But
conversely, I often find that my European friends, while they know more about
the US than Americans know about Europe, still have a distorted picture of the
other side of the Atlantic.

So, do come--enjoy the food, the beer, the wine, the culture. You will be richer
for the experience and so will we.


Dan Post wrote:

> Brent-
> That is particularly nice to hear!
> I often wonder if a trip to Europe would be worthwhile- since most of my
> ancestors are Scots-Irish, German, English and French- to see my 'Homeys',
> and soak up some culture!
> I have always felt that if you could ask for food and beverages in the
> 'lingua franca', and are reasonable familiar with the local currency, that
> you should do alright.
> Right now I can ask for film in about 7 languages!!!
> Dan ( But sir, THERE ARE NO BATTERIES in a Leica M3...!) Post

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Nathan Wajsman
Herrliberg (ZH), Switzerland


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