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Subject: Re: [Leica] M camera parts
From: Walter S Delesandri <>
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 08:16:21 -0500 (Central Daylight Time)

On Wed, 17 Oct 2001 10:44:07 -0700 Adam Bridge <> wrote:
> on 10/17/01 7:57 AM, Walter S Delesandri at
> thoughtfully wrote:
> > Electronic cameras with the same features as an M6 would have FEWER parts...
> > BUT no company (Leica?) would build such a thing... for one asked
> > for TTL flash on M cameras--which have added problems (flash compatibility and
> > battery drain) that would have NEVER existed...WHEN there's an "electronic" M,
> > you can bet that it WILL NOT just replace the speeds escapement in an M6... it
> > would be an "M" shaped body LOADED with other useless shit.
> It does not have to be an "M" shaped body loaded with useless stuff though.\
Of course it doesn't HAVE to be!!!....

> A digital "M" 
I may have misled you, I was talking about an electronically timed/controlled 
M--NOT digital....sorry....
> I think the issue would be about how many different parts are required to
> make an M4P and an M6. What's the overlap between the two.

100%....a late M4P >>IS<< an M6 with metering couldn't possibly 
cost more than a different box....It could be special ordered by dealers at 
$300 below the M6 and would HAVE to be profitable....I'll admit that FEW would 
choose it, but there ARE a large number of "traditionalists", and probably a 
large percentage of LEICANUTS fit the category....Imagine--a black-enamel M4P
with a rapidwinder (which Leica should license from Tom A.)---for $1500-1800 US...
You wouldn't be able to get enough of them!!!
 (I really don't
> know the answer to this.) If having a very different parts inventory is
> required then the costs can rise very quickly.
NO DIFFERENT PARTS---100% overlap!!!
> Thanks for your thoughts Walter. I appreciated them.
> Adam
Likewise, Adam...perhaps this will generate an interesting thread...I may be completely 
off-base, but Leica >>>MUST<<< consider the "two tier" system now that Cosina/etc..
is a serious force to deal with...Leica should make the ASPH/current stuff, and 
a line of "older" lenses...just the basics (21/35/90) that are in the $500 range on the 
street...I've heard the cries that it "can't be done" for 20 years...take a look 
at Cosina...they put the 50s/early60s Leitz lenses to shame...and even the finish is 
up to par!!! much for the bullshit that it 'can't be done'.

Best to U and URS<
Walt in Denton

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