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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re:counting sprocket holes? (Cutting film)
From: Marc James Small <>
Date: Fri, 05 Oct 2001 09:28:15 -0400

At 10:33 AM 10/5/01 +0200, Mrti ZelmenisZW5pcw== wrote:
>I keep wondering about the discussion in cutting film leader for use in LTM
>cameras. As far as I know before WWII Leica itself manufactured - and
>marketed - a special device for trimming the film evenly so it doesn't
>engage itself against the pressure plate. Isn't any of them around anymore??

The ABLOON, available from Leitz until 1966 and also made in dozens of
generic forms by a number of manufacturers.  But these answer a question no
one ever asked -- they are simply unnecessary.

It takes five seconds to trim the leader with my Swiss Army Knife.  Wham,
Bam, Thank You!  Anyone can eyeball the procedure.  There is just no need
for a template.

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