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Subject: [Leica] Items FS 5 OCT 01
From: Marc James Small <>
Date: Fri, 05 Oct 2001 09:17:25 -0400

Shipping charges extra
10-day MBG from receipt

Leica Items:
Box for lens case ETBIX/14565 (50mm Summitar, 
	Summicron, Summitar), E							  25.00
Vivitar 252 Flash with M2/M3 cord, E						  25.00
Leitz Projection Lens Calculator, no Leitz number, E (have two copies)
Original German-language Leicaflex SL-2 Brochure, the suppressed ‘Nipple' 
	version, Leitz Brochure 111-102, 9/74, E (have four copies)			100.00
Matheson, Andrew.  The Leica Way, 6th edition.  London: 
	Focal Press, 1963.  No DJ, otherwise E					  20.00
Morgan, Willard D., Henry M. Lestr, et alii.  The Leica Manual.  Reprint of 
	1st (1935) edition.  Dobbs Ferry, New York: Morgan & Morgan, 1977.  
	ISBN 0-87100-118-7.  DJ, E+.					  	  30.00

Zeiss and Zeiss-Ikon Items:
Voigtlander Zoomar Depth-of-Field Calculator, E					  75.00
Lens hood, 37 (?)mm female threads, 391/70, E					  40.00
Lens hood, 40.5mm female threads, 1113, E (20.0704 for Ikonta?)			  40.00
Three generic telephoto rear lens caps for Contax, 20.0610, E			  20.00 ea

Exakta item:
2.8/5cm CZJ Tessar T 3374805, no caps, E						  30.00

Rolleiflex Items:
Rollei E15B flash IB, E								  20.00

4.5/90 Wollensak Enlarging Raptar, E						  15.00

Images:  two Kodak slide trays and approximately 20 boxes of 24 or 36
slides each, mainly faded Anschochrome though some are Kodachrome, togther
with some MF slides, prints and negatives.  These slides are of trips to
Europe and around the US taken in the 1950's and 1960's, judging from the
automobiles visible in some of them.  $50.00 plus postage for the lot.

Display Items:
3 1/2 gallon cans of Dektol						$    5.00 for the lot
4 1 quart cans of Dektol						$    5.00 for the lot

Argus Projector with coated lens, MF?, FB, E-			$  25.00
Flash Kodaguide, E							$    5.00
Kodak Projection Print Scale, FB, E					$    5.00
Kodak Print Quality Kodaguide for Kodabromide, FB, E		$    5.00

Marc  FAX:  +540/343-7315
Cha robh bas fir gun ghras fir!

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