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Subject: Re: [Leica] RE: Leica Users digest V20 #98
From: "onetreehillclw" <>
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 22:51:13 -0500
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I once bought a window air conditioner at Home Depot. I had just finished
some photo work before I went into the store. I still had my M3 around my
neck when I picked out the window unit. I actually had the store manager
help my pick-up the $500 unit and place it on a buggy. He was then rude
enough to tell my there were no photos allowed inside OR outside Home Depot.
Bastard! Sure he'll wait until I'm ready to buy something to tell me that. I
then asked where are the signs that tell you no photos. He said there were
no signs, but it is store policy. I told him thanks for taking my money and
thanks for giving me a hard time. I'm still waiting for the district manager
to call me about the problem. That was 4 yrs ago. Now I go to Lowe's and my
cameras stay in the car(except when it's too hot outside and they beg me to
let them come in with me).
OH! I did get a nice shot of the manager on my way out. I said, "Smile!".

Chris Williams

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From: "S Dimitrov" <>
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Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2001 9:23 PM
Subject: Re: [Leica] RE: Leica Users digest V20 #98

> And rightly so they should be paranoid.
> I once met a group of old growth activists in front of a Home Depot. The
> purpose was to show the public, through a guided tour, where certain
> products came from and their effects on the local economy and
> environment. I took with me a point and shoot and managed to squeeze out
> two rolls of film. Can't look professional when your doing things like
> this. We walked out unmolested and with a good record of the stock. In
> spite of that, I still shop at Home Depot.
> Slobodan Dimitrov
> Sanjay Nasta wrote:
> >
> > Most stores are paranoid about people taking pictures or recording
> > There's a story in Sam Walton's book (of Walmart fame) where he was
> > around a store and taking notes on price with his tape recorder.  He got
> > caught by a guard who pointed to a sign saying that was prohibited and
> > confiscated the tape.  Mr. Walton wrote to the CEO of the chain who
> > graciously returned the tape.
> >
> > I know in the U.S. I tried to take pictures at Home Depot of light
> > a couple of years ago (we were building a house and thought that was an
> > way to remember items we liked)....we were promptly stopped.  Personally
> > think it's stupid--you can get the information you want quite
> > just stops the innocent.
> >
> > > Here in Indonesia, most stores and supermarkets
> > > of any size display a sign prohibiting photography.
> > > I think they do it for security reasons, afraid
> > > somebody might be "casing the joint".
> >
> > And of course the bad guys will refrain reliably based on the sign.
> > never try to sneak a shot with a small camera!

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