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Subject: Re: [Leica] A Red Dot story
From: "Ted Grant" <>
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 19:40:59 -0700
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Guy Bennett wrote:
>>For example, I personally don't give a flaming fig what the speed sync of
the M6 is since
I never use flash. A faster sync speed is immaterial to me. The same is true
of AE, AF, and other electronic "improvements" - don't want 'em, don't need
'em; that's why I chose to use an M camera.
> Now, the ability to use a 24 or 21 lens w/out an external viewfinder (i.e.
> with internal brightlines), *that* would be an improvement for me.<<<<

Hi Guy,
Yep! You and me buddy, all the wish lists for changes to an M camera are
completely meaning less for me also, I never use flash with them as it's
much easier to shoot with the light that turns one on with motivation.

And yes there are times when a shoot I'm doing requires flash, on the "flash
camera... the R8!"
Then it's used 99% of the time bounced off the ceiling or some other light

As far as I'm concerned the M6 can be left as it is, or if Leica were to
make every little nuance of  "extras" that's fine, but just make sure they
keep making the time tested and proven M6 for those who truly make them work
quickly and quietly.

The other down side with these guys wanting all the twitchy things is, they
probably couldn't afford a Leica if Leica installed them! The camera cost
more than enough as it is and everytime something is added the price goes
up, not by a dollar or two, but by a whole bunch of dollars. And what

The whining and complaining about the price increase of the product! So guys
you can't have it both ways!  Just be happy campers take lots of pictures
un-encumbered by "thingies" and you'll be better photographer's for it.
In my humblest of opinion. ;-)

Ted Grant Photography Limited

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