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Subject: [Leica] ODDS and ends
From: "B. D. Colen" <>
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 19:17:11 -0400
References: <> <20010418102240.C925@localhost.localdomain>

Spent some time at B&H this a.m. playing with equipment and BSing with 
two of the older salesguys...
1. If you want a "mechanical " Nikon, it's the F3 not the FM2, simply in 
terms of the 100% viewfinder - incredibly bright and easy to use with 
glasses....yes, I know the price is about double....
2. The rest of this was volunteered by the sales guys, not something I 
even asked them about:
*  They swear they were told by the Konica rep that the Hexar RF was 
indeed a joint Hexar-Leica development deal and was meant to be the 
equivalent of an M7, but Leica didn't approve of the end result, and so 
Konica went it alone;
* The RF is absolutely NOT moving. "It's got the wrong name on it. 
People say Konica is a copier maker, not a camera maker."
* The N1 is just taking up shelf space. They were saying they sell maybe 
five units a month, all to businessmen from a certain Asian country that 
isn't Japan. Their take on the N1..."Why would anyone buy the N1 when 
there are only four lenses for it, and no compatability with the other 
Contax lenses.

B. D.

Jeff S wrote:

> In Camera Maintenance & Repair, Thomas Tomosey recommends auto wheel
> bearing grease. Leica appears to use a very thick clear yellow lube
> (Teflon? polyethelene?)-not lithium or molybdenum. Moly lubes are
> particularly good for high pressure situations but they also stain
> everything in sight. Most heavier lubes seem to consist of a fairly light
> carrier and a heavier base which tend to separate and in a situation like
> this, I'd probably just use the base material-the last thing you want is
> for the lighter oil to separate out of suspension while it's in your lens!
> Jeff S
> On 2001.04.17 18:17:28 -0600 Walter Bell wrote:
>> I have just purchased a 50mm, 2.8 LSM lens in great shape, but I think it
>> needs lubricating grease on the helical focusing gears. There appears to
>> be 
>> no grease on these gears now, and the focusing ring moves very loosely. I
>> think that grease would actually provide some smoothing resistance (I
>> know 
>> that is a little "counter intuitive"). Anyway, does anyone have any 
>> suggestions as to a source for the proper type of grease to use?
>> Regards,
>> Walter Bell

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