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Subject: Re: [Leica] Not Leica quality
From: S Dimitrov <>
Date: Sun, 01 Apr 2001 17:09:40 -0700
References: <> <011c01c0bafb$d677b1a0$63dba9ce@thor>

Frankly, I find the mechanical artifacts of the lens to be a refreshing
change. In the "old" days a lens with the listed problems would be
unsharp overall, flatten out in the shadow details, and out flare a
solar emission. The 15mm Heliar, on the other hand, has good contrast
overall, and is sharp to a degree that surprises me. Today's lenses are
so well corrected that it nears boredom. When I change lenses, I like to
see an optical difference, as opposed to what looks like either a wide
shot, or a tight shot, cropped from what could be the same optic.

 Slobodan Dimitrov

Bill wrote:
> As regards the 15mm Heliar:
> This discussion is very frustrating.  I happen to have a
> Cosina branded version of the lens.  The performance is
> about the same as my 21/4 R-SA.  I find both lenses
> completely acceptable.
> It would be very helpful if posters would identify where
> they are.  I would be happy to meet any Lugger within a
> reasonable commute to try-out the relatively few lens I
> possess.  Then again, perhaps I have a different standard of
> acceptibility than some other Lugger.
> Regards, Bill Larsen
> Terra Bella, CA  (Southern San Joaquin Valley)

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