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Subject: [Leica] RE: Re: My last word on Hexar, really.
From: Robert Jagitsch <>
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2000 22:04:11 -0500
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>I do not believe for a moment, that the Hexar will ever be accepted as a

Well, it's not a Leica, so why would it be accepted as one? I'm not 
sure anyone is promoting that idea. However, I will promote the Hexar 
as a Leica alternative or addition, because it is one.

>To me, discussing Hexar nuances as if it were Leica is no different
>than discussing a Contax G as if it were Leica, which folks periodically
>want to do.

A Hexar is admittedly closer to Leica than Contax, because of the 
lens mount. Consider for the moment how many discussions of the 
future "M7" over the past few years on the LUG include many features 
that exist today on the Hexar.

>In the past 50 years, there have been a lot of AE, AP, TA, etc, camera
>water under the bridge but the Leica M camera seems to persist.

The M is a purist machine, just like, for example, a 911. They've 
been making Porsche 911s since 1965; sure they've both evolved, but 
that's one of the timeless beauties of the machine. It's one of the 
most recognizable shapes in the world. Similar in a way to the M 
Leica in its own niche. I mean, its a rear engine automobile. Name 
another current rear engine production car? Name another current 
production camera that has bottom loading? Idiosyncracies abound.

>Probably because it is one of the very best tools available for doing the
>job of photography. And the Hexar is not even a contender in any sense of
>the word. And never will be. The Leica M will persist and continue doing an
>incredible job of providing just the right tools for those photographers
>who want to practice the craft of photography by exercising complete and
>total control, at all times, over the photographic process.

If the Hexar was produced in Solms, would you feel any different?

Over the past several months I have had the opportunity to buy and 
sell and use many different Leicas, a Nikon rangefinder, and a Hexar. 
I find that each of the bodies I now own have their own personality 
and niche for particular photographic purposes. For a few examples: I 
use a CL when I need something tiny (I carry it when biking or 
hiking.) I use the Hexar when I know I will be with other people and 
I don't want to hold them up while loading film or adjusting exposure 
(it's amazing what a few extra seconds can do to frustrate your 
travel partners.) I also use it when I need a self timer, unless I 
happen to have my M3 or M4 handy.

The M3 is preferred when using my 50 Summicron DR because of its 
viewfinder. I also have an M6, and I tried a RapidWinder and didn't 
like it. Added too much weight, and was too cumbersome to operate 
quickly. (Yes, I am left eyed.) The Hexar beats an M6 with a 
RapidWinder easily. And don't forget easy loading and rewind.

The one thing in common with all these, is Leica glass. Wide open, 
preferably. :) And the Hexar fits the bill in many situations.

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