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Subject: [Leica] Hexar, Leica M and fate
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 15:02:39 -0500


>>All in all, I am glad I got it.<<

Sounds like you made a nice trade for the Hexar. Was it the original Hexar
or the new Hexar RF?

The Hexar has always appealed to me. In fact, 8-years ago I went into a
store in Salt Lake City, UT, with cash in hand, all set to buy a Hexar. The
gentleman ahead of me had some items he wanted to trade in on some Nikon
gear. He had an M2, a 35/2 Summicron with eyes and a 50/2.8 Elmar. All the
equipment appeared to be in mint condition. Mechanically, the M2 had a
problem with the film advance. The clerk offered $50 in trade. The
gentleman was a bit offended by the low offer.

He turned and walked out the door. It was my turn in line.  I looked at the
clerk. Then I looked at the Hexar sitting behind the glass. I debated with
myself for a moment. Then I chased after the Leica owner. As soon as we
were outside I asked to see the equipment. We talked Leica for a little
bit. He said his eyes were failing and he wanted autofocus. Further, he
hadn't used the Leica stuff for some time. I offered all the cash I had on
hand -- my Hexar funds -- which was about $550. He accepted.

I sent the M2 in for a CLA. Turns out a chip of film stuck inside was
hindering the film advance. To this day I'm curious about the 35/2 w/eyes.
In fact, it wasn't until after I purchased the equipment that I realized
the body was an M2. I just assumed based on the 35/2 w/eyes that the body
was an M3.

In any event, I came that close to owning a Hexar. But, as fate would have


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