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Subject: Re: [Leica] RE: waking up looking up
From: Ted Grant <>
Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 07:33:10 -0700
References: <>

Robert Appleby and Sue Darlow wrote:

> A friend of mine, a swedish political journalist who writes about India a
> lot, got into the habit of photographing every toilet he used in India.
> After a six month tour, they published a two-page spread of Indian toilet
> photos.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Hi Rob,
I can imagine an interesting series of pictures. When I've traveled
countries of the world and used the "biffy" in many,  the subject had
crossed my mind several times thinking it could be an international one. :-)

In the early '80's a friend and I were pushing publishers to do a book
entitled:   "Urinals of the World."  It would probably be a "guy thing,"
although women tell me they'd be curious about  "Urinal Stalls of the
World." and it would be a better sounding title.  Same subject.

However,  publishers in Canada don't have any imagination when it comes
to books, unless they can get great amounts of money from the government
to cover publishing costs. They don't, because we don't have imaginative
government nor politicians either. ;-)

In any event we started shooting across Canada while we were working on
"paying assignments" and as often as not we got strange looks while
shooting in the "mens".  

But we kind of lost interest very quickly after being accosted by a
couple of great big muscle bound pee brain types,  who took us to be of
another gender. They felt we really needed  to get "close-ups in the
urinal bowl head down!"  If ever there was a time I thought I was going
to "piss my pants," let me assure you it was the scene of me head down
in the bowl with a 15mm on an R4!  :-)

One might say, I didn't think it was a pretty picture and got the hell
out of there as fast as my feet would go!  Basically ending the "Urinals
of the World" project.

After your post and the many urinal stalls I've stood at since the
"muscle encounter," I still think it would produce one hell of a book,
simply because it's an international location.  I just need a fairy God
Mother with lots of bucks to bank roll an around the world tour of urinals!

Any of you guys out there know a benevolent fairy God Mother? ;-)


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