Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/09/28

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Subject: [Leica] Need a Moderated List (was 'AA outcry')
From: Andrew Nemeth <>
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 99 09:53:15 +1000

Joe Berenbaum <> wrote:

> if anyone was thinking about setting up a LUG list that has 
> a real moderator and throws idiots off when they become real 
> problems, now might be a good time to start making it happen.


I myself have had enough of Tiley Hats, Scotch, Beer, camera bags, 
Porsches, Brainless-AA, Grey cards and the Zone System, and all the 
other off-topic nonsense this list spends 95% of its time on.

And then there is the overwhelming volume of this s**t.  I couldn't 
believe it last week when I was getting 4x 76 KB digests *a day* of 
totally irrelevant crap.

So please - could someone set up a separate, MODERATED Lieca list?

Keep the LUG list for the off-topic nonsense, but restrict the new 
MODERATED list for people who want to discuss and learn about Leica 
and Lieca related photo techniques.  And while we are at it, also
automatically reject postings which lazily quote the entire previous 
email or thread (like how hard is it to cut & paste revelvant 
sentences?).  And limit the number of posts from each individual to 
a max of 5 a day...

Any mailing-list wizards out there?  Here's your chance to win the
gratitude of @ 100 Lieca users (who actually have a life)!

Andrew Nemeth