Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/07/30

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Subject: [Leica] Re: Opportunities for cost savings, was: Leica Newsletter XXIX
From: "Roger Beamon" <>
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 08:46:10 -0700

On 30 Jul 99, Lucien wrote, at least in part:

> snip
> > As a first core measure the cost of materials of 
> > Leica Camera AG will be re-duced in the short and medium term. 
> > This will be achieved on the one hand by the reduction of the 
> > additional use of materials. 
> > Due to the production process and the materials used, 
> > a substantial volume of waste occurs at the Company.
> > In this respect, opportunities for cost savings exist 
> > without endangering the high demands with regard to the quality 
> > of the products. Thus alternative materials and production processes,
> > with which the necessary quality can be achieved without the use of
> > additional materials, will be applied increasingly. Furthermore, the
> > Company has increased its standards for suppliers in order to ensure
> > that less waste will occur due to faulty parts.
> snip

This "additional use of materials" and "additional materials" bit has 
me confused. Are they saying the'll use less expensive materials, 
use smaller numbers of parts through redesign, or a combination 
of both?

I'd try reading this myself, aber mein Deutsch ist krank! It would 
take too long to wade through it.

> > As a fifth measure, the efficiency of the technical after sales 
> > service will be improved through reorganisation and a closer 
> > linking with the sales function.

> snip

That'll be nice. A company the size of Leica shouldn't be having 
problems in those areas to begin with. Something about the 
benefits of being small. 

It all sounds like corporatese [sic] to me. Good reading for the 

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