Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/07/10

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Subject: [Leica] Re: M6 Question....
From: "Roger Beamon" <>
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 12:16:50 -0700

On 10 Jul 99, Nathan Wajsman wrote, at least in part:

Nathan's experience is mine exactly, Skip. I added a 90/Elmarit 
later, & love it, both for its images and price, but would now like a 
50 Summicron to fill in the kit. Nice as the 90 is, though, Jim B has 
me thinking along the line of selling the 90 and getting the 75 1.4, 
That, with the 35 'lux ASPH and the ability to 'dolly in or out' with 
my feet would give a very useable, albeit expensive, set of two 
lenses only that would cover 95% of my M shooting.

Oh, dont we love to vicariously experience others' agony in 
decision making? The Germans have a great word for it, 

BTW, I'm clearly responding in the lefthand category of the two 
offered by Skip in his last sentence. (Just want to set B.D. at ease 
after my nightshirt comment)

> Skip,
> You should absolutely go for this combination. When I got started with
> Leica, I also bought the 35mm Summicron. And while I have added several
> lenses since then, the 35 is still the one I use the most.
> Nathan
> wrote:
> > I've ordered an M6 and am debating which lens would be my BEST first
> > lens for it.  I seem to recall the lengthy discussion concerning
> > everyone's opinion regarding his/her favorite Leica lens.  I think the
> > discussion ended up in favor of the 35mm Summicron f2.  Well, I located
> > a formerly owned one in excellent condition to go along with the new M6.
> >  What do ya think?  Should that be the one, guys/gays?

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     all of the time, The difficulty is in seeing them.
             -- Dale Brown, N6QOL