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Subject: Re: [Leica] [Off topic] Darkroom Survey Response
From: "Bryan Caldwell" <>
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 17:47:20 -0800

Might as well add me to the list - for a while I felt guilty about not
responding, so I didn't add my .02 worth.

I've done all my own B&W for 25 years. I currently have a darkroom that is
about 7'x7' with a 6' sink. Enlarger is a Saunders 6700 that I bought when I
had a previous darkroom where size was a major issue. Nikon 50mm 2.8 and
80mm 4.0. Kinderman stainless tanks and reels after playing around with just
about everything else out there. I was a devoted Tri-X user for over 20
years but have recently (and after a tremendous amount of consternation)
switched to primarily Ilford HP5 usually developed in ID-11 if I've
remembered to mix it up ahead of time or in Ifosol-S if I haven't. I also go
through periods where I use Edwal FG-7 a lot. I use a lot of different
papers, but use fiber double weight for everything except contact sheets. I
selenium tone most prints and mount them with an ancient Seal dry-mounting
press. Leica rangefinders (2 M6's and an M2, with 21mm, 28mm, 35mm Summilux,
50mm Summicron, Noctilux, and 90 Summicron) and my beloved (but old) Rollei
2.8F TLR. I will confess to periods of several years each involving Nikons,
Hasselbalds, Leica R, and Olympus OM's. Always come back to the Leica M's
and the Rollei TLR, though. When I travel I usually take everything along
with a Gitzo 226, Leica tabletop tripod and ole Leitz large ball head as
well as a Sekonic L-408 and an old L-398. I always liked the fact that with
the 398 and Leica you can be completely independent of batteries.

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From: Jim Colburn <>
To: <>
Date: Thursday, February 18, 1999 2:10 PM
Subject: [Leica] [Off topic] Darkroom Survey Response

> May as well add me to the list.  Enlarger is a Frankenstein creation, I
>think it started as a Vivitar.  I got tired of the vibration, so I replaced
>the column with a piece of hydraulic shaft.  Got tired of the head,
>replaced it with a Beseler, IIRC.  Then the base wasn't to my satisfaction
>so I replaced it.  Lenses are various El-Nikkors.  There is also a 4x5
>enlarger of unknown origin in a state of disassembly in one corner.
> Tanks and reels are a twenty-year accumulation of assorted stainless
>steel.  Easel is a 4-bladed homemade result of frustration with a factory
> Most of the B&W film I shoot (this month, at least!) is Techpan or HP5+.
>Developers on hand are HC-110 and Microdol.  Papers are Ilford (and a
>shrinking hoard of carefully stored Oriental-glad its back!)  This may all
>change, I am going to pick up some TMZ and TMax developer tomorrow, and try
>Eric's technique for TMZ @ 6400...
>Jim Colburn