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Subject: Re: [Leica] Request for Advice
Date: Sun, 6 Dec 1998 07:37:45 EST


Wonderful story and you will always be "King" in her eyes.  Just keep on doing
what you are doing.    When my daughter was that age she always saw me behind
the camera making pictures of her.  I have thousands of photos of her that she
still loves to look at.  She is now married and we still slip off together and
go to the mountains to take pictures.  Several weeks ago we went on a Land
Rover off-road event and between the two of us we took about 400 pictures.
She is now learning to process her own film (in my darkroom) and we love
listening to music, develop and print.   On Wednesdays of each week she and I
have lunch with our 8 year old lunch buddy and we plan a visit to the zoo and
the mountains during his Christmas break.  Of course, he will have his own
camera and he will develop and print them with our close tutoring.   

Perhaps Harrison this will give you a vision into the future.   I truly
enjoyed your story and it brought back many fond but too fast-moving moments.
Thank you.

Bob Bedwell 

<< Ted,
 One of the best shots of me was made by my 2 1/2 year old daugher.  I 
 gave her my Contax G2 - I know not leica, but it is af and such, and she 
 got a good shot of me.  She will pose for me then say, now i want to take 
 a picture of you.
 Last week I took her down to the basement and showed her my dark room.  
 She said "When I grow up I wanna be a man!"  I asked her why and she said 
 "So I can be like you."
 I told her that she could do all the things I do and be a woman, but a 2 
 year old has a hard time understanding the gender thing!
 It is fun being a parent and I have learned that I would rather spend 
 time with her than working.  I just turn down shoots to spend time doing 
 fun stuff with her.  Yes, I am making less money, but my life if far 
 richer for the lost revenue.
 Please note I DO NOT reccomend giving a child a camera like a G2, unless 
 you have a lot of money to spend.  It is a really nice little camera, but 
 way to expensive for a child to break.
 Ted Grant wrote
 >just let them expose film and have
 >fun doing it for the first few rolls.  Then as the film is processed and
 >prints made, you can start with a few "technical and seeing" things.
 Harrison McClary
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