Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/08/26

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Subject: Re: [Leica] New M6
From: Andre Jean Quintal <>
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 19:28:41 -0400

At 15:59 -0400 26/08/98, wrote:
>Would any Luggers like to speculate what this new M6/TTL will do to the value
>of the  soon to be discontinued .85 and regular M6's?

	1/ it will significantly BROADEN
	the overall worldwide market appeal
	of the Leica M  s-y-s-t-e-m.

	2/ it's most unlikely many Leica owners will become
	disenchanted with their prized equipment
	just for another enhanced model having come out.

	3/ it will add weight to the notion of flash photography
	with a Leica M to "available light" people
	who simply hate any artificial "flash
	photography" look to their photos... (me, for instance)

	4/ i'm REAL curious to see how they will have implemented
	such in a Leica M body... and how much more accurate
	will the new light metering circuitry and sensors be.

	5/ i simply can't imagine a more desireable
	function that could have better updated the
	whole Leica M system. Thus ADDING value to the
	overall established base.

	6/ these new Leica M6/TTL will be MUCH easier to sell
	from a floor salesperson point of view.

	7/ i wonder how sexy will the new Leica autoflash look like ?
	And about its performance ?
	If they have an A2-like "light amber opal" lens "diffuser"
	for close range casual portraiture ? And such . . .

	8/ This Photokina is going to be a memorable "LEICA Year" :
	there is MUCH more than what people have written about
	here that's really coming out. Leica DEALERS are in for
	a wunderbar "treat" or two. . . . or ten !
	Obviously, the consumers will drool !

	Andre Jean Quintal

"He looked like lightning,
his robe was white as snow" . . .
Matth 28 : 3

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