Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/08/26

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Subject: Re: [Leica] APO converter 1.4X
From: Andre Jean Quintal <>
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 06:35:31 -0400

At 00:29 -0500 26/08/98, Eddie Shih wrote:
>Can this converter fit in 180/3.4 APO telyt ? What  lens can be used with
>it. I want to get one to extend the focal lenth. Is it a good investment ?
>Any suggestion is greatly appreciated

	The Leica R-8 current catalog states that NO
	the l.4 APO extender is NOT for the 180mm APO Telyt f/3.4 :
	you MUST get the 2X APO extender, which
	will bring in quite an interesting 360mm ( 7X "normal" ! ! ! ),
	especially if nature photography interests you.
	OR for "detailing" a wider "establishing shot",
	as for an advertising spread, for example.

	I wish you would tell us more about the results
	YOU have been getting with this lens,
	 (i prefer smallish lenses :
	they are less intimidating, lighter too, and
	probably easier to make outstanding in a technical
	way, and i seldom use below f/4 apertures
	as "soft focus" turns me off, basically,
	except for specific "selective focus" situations ...
	(when shallow depth-of-field is mandatory)
	or "no other choice" "available light" situations.
	BUT, 180mm is real telephoto and i'm mostly
	a wide-angle person, with "head and shoulders"
	secondary interest, about 75mm - 100 mm.
	I very seldom shoot beyond 2X "normal"
	in any practical way . . . )

	That LEICA would officially use the expression
	"SUPREME" describing this APO-TELYT f/3.4 lens,
	tickles my photo nerve to no end.

	I also assume that owning such an outstanding 3.5X+ lens
	might quite possibly alter my shooting style,
	vying for the very best image quality i could

	Andre Jean Quintal

"He looked like lightning,
his robe was white as snow" . . .
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