Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/08/14

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Subject: Re: [Leica]70-180 zoom!
From: Eric Welch <>
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 07:14:22 -0500

At 10:01 PM 8/13/98 +0100, you wrote:

>Now back to your 70-180. How are you finding it in handling and are you
>using it as much as you thought you would? Have you found the zoom and
>focus rings a bit confusing for feel when you are looking through the
>camera and shooting? What I mean is, have you found yourself zooming when
>you thought your fingers were on the focus ring?

I love it. I can hand-hold it at 1/60 no problem. Though I get more sharp
pictures at the short end than at the long end at this speed. The weight
actually helps here. I used it on a tripod yesterday for the first time.
It's a great tripod lens too. But idiot I can be some times, I turned the
whole setup sideways on my ball head, and just now as I write this remember
the tripod collar rotates. :-) Gotta try that too.

I don't find the zoom ring confusing, but my hands sometimes have to search
a bit to find the zoom ring. But having the zoom on the back isn't
confusing for me, seems like it should be there in back. I just am glad to
have a zoom that performs like Leica lenses normally do. Outstanding. In
the world of zooms, this is a winner. As for the flare thing at the long
end, a friend of mine adapted the Canon 70-200 2.8 L lens hood to it, and
says that helps a lot. Too bad Leica didn't think of that. I wouldn't mind
a detachable hood that works better, but I do have to admit, I like the
smaller hood of the Leica. That Canon hood is a moose!

>Your experience?

Every penny well-spent - especially at the price I got it for!

No regrets, plenty of pleasure. ;-)
- -- 

Eric Welch
St. Joseph, MO

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