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Subject: Re: [Leica] On Photographic Seeing
Date: Sun, 9 Aug 1998 19:36:23 -0600

It happens with embarrassing frequency. I blow a shot and then think I'll
just go back and do it again. I return, place the tripod in exactly the same
indentations in the dirt, look through the viewfinder, and the scene has
changed. The time of day is different, a cloud has cast a shadow, it's
foggy, there's a pigeon nesting on that road sign, the power company sawed a
limb off, or some kid has left skate board tracks down the cathedral steps.
No scene is ever the same and the subtle differences over time may markedly
alter an image, often in pleasing ways. Andre Kertesz lived in an apartment
overlooking a park for at least 20 years. Each picture of that park is
unique and stands apart even though all are from the same vantage point.

Perhaps some of you saw an article recently (? Shutterbug) about a fellow
who photographs one tree and has done so for years. Though you know it's the
same tree, a series of photos of that tree show remarkable differences, as
if there were layers of beauty each revealed by changing circumstances. The
lesson for me in all of this is knowing that they are always there, I try to
see the changes.

Greg Achenbach

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From: Joseph Codispoti <>
>When I travel I find all I see to be exotic while in my home surroundings I
>tend to became blase at seeing the same haunts day after day.