Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1998/06/04

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Subject: Re: Was: [Leica] Noctilux Now: Summilux
From: Marc James Small <>
Date: Thu, 04 Jun 1998 21:35:20 -0400

At 06:07 PM 6/4/98 EDT, Tom Shea wrote:
>Marc, on the Internet there are several sources of test reports by various
>sources.  One is PhotoZone, which contains a summary of some of the test
>reports.  There have also been two reported summaries of tests of 50 mm
>in the past couple of years on the net.  There was also a post on this forum
>during the last couple of weeks about a test of the new R 1.4 being better
>than the old 1.4.   


It is customary when someone asks for a source that you give them chapter
and verse, or else your credibility sinks to zero.  That is, I asked for a
source, and you gave me zip.

Please provide your sources:  name of author, name of publisher, name of
publication, ISBN, and the like, and page number, or, at the least, a URL.

As it is, you have made a ridiculous allegation and, when asked for further
information, have supported it with broad and indefinite sources.  This
sounds to me, brother, like the sort of thing we hear plopping out of the
south ends of north-bound cows.  If you don't inhabit an agricultural area,
pray, e-mail me off-list for details.

Marc  FAX:  +540/343-7315
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