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Subject: Re: [Leica] Court ruling
From: "Andre Jean Quintal" <>
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 08:44:28 -0400

About the "litigated photo":
does anybody have it ANYwhere on the Internet ?

It sure is a bad trip, here in Quebec, to see
such a "lay down" from the Supreme Court.

I hope our ever esteemed and beloved politicians take-on the topic
in a creative way that will allow "street photography"
to thrive on (and tourists not to fear being sued:
Quebecois people are NOT that prone to trust
lawyers..., even less judges and politicians, who often get
rated below (or with) prostitutes by French speaking people ! ).
My personal attitude is that if you look so bad or are
attired in such a way as to attract the photographic eye
of a "street photographer", so "interesting" as to get published,
something is wrong. 
YET, I suspect a high politics game, whereby some politician or
Establishment person
is trying to avoid the ulterior publication of "candid shots" of himself
that could damage a glorified ego.

This goes way beyond "paparazzi" considerations,
but the whole Lady Di situation may have had a major
and relevant impact as it coincided, more or less, with the general time
pertinent to the ruling in question.

I wonder (and REALLY want to see) what kind of an ugly twerp
put out all that money to go through the Supreme
Court (u$ually a very co$tly proce$$, Canada at lea$t)
over a single photo published in a "vertical market" specialty magazine
that had a circulation below 1000 copies !

I assume the photo must have some REAL documentary value,
exalted by all this bad publicity. If it didn't, it sure does NOW.

So, if you have a "contact" who has a copy of
that "hot shot", it would be MOST appreciated
if you'd share the Web address with us.

We probably all are in for a good laugh !

A thousand thanks,

Andre Jean Quintal

reply to:

PS: to avoid trouble, publish the thing from outside Canada (Angelfire or
Geocities, for example),
while we clean-up out our "house" and remember we are supposed to
be a democratic society.

Never Give Up !
Never Give In !

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*From: ted grant <>
*To: ""
*Subject: [Leica] Court ruling
*Date: Lund 13 avri 1998  00:43

*Robert wrote:
*<<<  Oh and by the way, j aime beaucoup la Colombie-Britannique et les
*chocolats de Roger s a Victoria.>>>>>>
*Bonsoir Robert,
* Merci! They are tre bonne chocolate! :)
*And for the Leica IIIg!  I'll take you up on it some day when I come to
*visit Montreal and the McGill University medical school! :)
*<<<<  I will lend my IIIg and Summarit to any lugger who visits Quebec and
*Montreal. Just email ahead of time...>>>>>>
*bonne nuit, :)