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Subject: Re: [Leica] Give it up?
From: "Roy Zartarian" <>
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 07:53:11 +0000

Give it up? They'll get my IIIc when they pry it from my cold dead 

Since you're using rather than displaying your IIIf, why not try 
replacing the vulcanite with a newer, non-authentic covering.  
Fargo enterprises ( offers sheets of such 
material.  My one experience with them (light-seal foam for an 
Olympus XA) was favorable.


On  1 Feb 98 at 23:45, Norman Milks wrote:

> Hello Luggers,
> After having the vulcanite twice repaired around the hinge post near
> the baseplate on my IIIF, it has fallen off again.  This piece was
> repaired by 2 different gents whose names have been mentioned many
> times on the LUG.  I am not doubting their expertise.  Further,
> yesterday, a small piece fell off from around the lens mount as I
> was installing a beautiful BL finder that I had just purchased from
> a fellow lugger.
> Several years ago when I came to Alaska, and once again became
> inflamed with Leica desire, I called Don Chaterton looking for some
> SM stuff.  He said that he had recently sold all of his SM stuff,
> and he went on to say that, the SM's have had their day, give it up.
> (paraphrased)  
> I take pride in my cameras and care for them.  But I'm wondering if
> perhaps Don was right.  These cameras are a half century old, and if
> it isn't the vulcanite, it may be some other difficult to replace
> part.   Anyway, in regard to repairing the vulcanite, am I "beating
> a dead horse"?  If not, can anyone reccomend a course of action. 
> TIA!
> Norman 
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