Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/12/13

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Cleaning and Preservation Products
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 1997 00:40:05 -0500

[Leica] Cleaning and Preservation Products. 

For the standard black PVC grained Leica body covering, I would suggest
either Harly's Lemon Magic (preferred) or Lexol's Vinylex Protectant. 
Both leave a satin finish and are generally available at auto supply
houses.  I show Porsches (911 and 993) nationally, and if a product is
suitable for the vinyl or leather on my Porsches (neat testing items), I
don't hesitate to use it on my Leica(s).  Do not use Armor All.

Both recommended products mentioned should be applied with either your
fingertips or with a dab on a clean cotton diaper.  DO NOT spray the
product on as it goes places that you don't want it -- the glass.  For
best results let the product work for about thirty minutes and then buff
out with a clean lintless cotton rag, as a clean old T-shirt, or a well
used, but clean, cotton diaper.

For leather (as found on a number of the commemorative issues of Leica),
there are several excellent products.  Lexol Leather Conditioner is a
good product, as is Connoly Hide Food.  Apply with your fingertips as
above and buff.  Again, less is better, do not smear these products on
your Leica camera body.  None of these products in temperate use, in my
experience, are harmful to either cover adhesives or the chrome or black
anodized metal parts of the Leica body (if you should put a bit on those
parts) or to similar areas of Porsches.  But please gently wipe those
areas dry.

If you cannot find these products locally, please E-mail me directly and
I will give you the name of an excellent mail order supply (in which I
have no monetary interest).  As the 225 ml or greater containers for
these products give you a millennium supply for your Leica, you may care
to spiff up some other vinyl, PVC, or leather items with these products.

For the lens glass there are a number of mild good wetting products. 
However, I suggest that only a well washed dry linen towel dedicated for
lens cleaning (and in the washing cycle, rinsed of all soap, without a
softner) be used to gently wipe the lens surface with the
wetting/cleaning solution and then dried with a different part of the
same linen towel.  With just a little care your Leica will remain clean
and concours.  	Bill Caldwell