Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/01/30

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Subject: 40mm Elmarit (was: Limitations of having 50mm as my only lens.)
From: "Stefan Kahlert" <>
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 1997 22:58:23 +0000

> At 07:32 PM 1/28/97 +0100, Mel wrote:
> >Will maybe try to find a 40mm, its very small, either a Elmarit-C f2.8 =
> >or Summicron-C f2 40mm.
> We should all be lucky enough to score a 2.8/40 Elmarit!  'Very few were
> made', the books say:  only ONE was sold outside of the Leitz plant.  Yo=
> could finance an entire M6 set with ALL production lenses if you got one=
> these babies and passed it on to a collector!


if it was really just one that has been sold I have seen that lonely 
stranger today at Photo Gregor in K=F6ln (Cologne).
Elmarit-C 2.8/40mm #2512906.
I would go for 5995 DM (divide by 1.6 to get it in $), and a Leica CL 
was included (as a lens-holder for presentation purposes I suppose).

Either your estimation of the probable value was on the high side or 
this one is a bargain or there have been produced more than just a

I have been to that shop for several times but I never got to 
their Leica-corner before! It was like stepping into a different,
strange world. There was one glass case filled with _only_ M6 
special editions (Brunei, Panda, M6J, Austria, Royal Wedding, 
Bruckner, Ein Stueck Leica, LHSA, one signed by Michael Schumacher, 
one signed by Claudia Schiffer, can't remember the rest but who 
cares about such jewellery?) 
and nearly everything I recently read about in screw and M
(no Super Angulon btw. and no IIIe ;) but everything besides that
as far as my very subjective impression was ;)). Screw-to-M adaptors
in piles for example, a M3 in black, a Leica IIIf with Leicavit
and many, many strange itmes I cannot call by their names at all.

Fortunately noone disturbed me and tried to sell me anything and 
I could look around the glass cases for about half an hour 
(I focused my attention just on lenses). 

Besides that I got what I went there for (XTOL developer my 
local dealer refused to order [moron] and other lab-things) 
it was a real nice evening. 

If you ever come to Cologne: Go there! It is impressing to see all 
this things many of us just know from
piled up as one big mountain (If you didn't have the opportunity 
at the place where you live). 

For me It was like visiting a museum. I hope you didn't mind me 
sharing my impression with you.

best regards


PS. an now back to photography...
- --
Stefan Kahlert, 
Medizinische Poliklnik der Universitaet Bonn