Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/01/30

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Subject: Re: M6
From: "Stefan Kahlert" <>
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 1997 11:56:41 +0000

> film is rewound and removed.  My question: of course I can return to
> dealer and get a different body (might have to spend more) or I can keep
> this one  and send for repairs. Problem is I'm leaving on an extended
> trip in ten days and I want to have a second M body for black&white.
> Since everything else seems to work OK, does anybody know any quick &
> dirty cure that will get frame counter working or is this a serious
> repair?


I had some bad experience with equipment that was a out of wack when 
I bought it. It usually turned out to be damaged more than was 
apparent and repairs were more expensive than expected. My sample is 
rather small (1 body, 2 lenses), but I learned my lesson from it and 
avoid anything that is somehow defect even if the price seems to be 

One can probably make an arragement with the dealer: When you buy it 
fix the price *including* the repair arranged by the dealer
(you have to be carefull that it will not go to some obscure garage 
repairshop but this is a very unlikely risk at my location).
A friend did this two times with Hasselblad equip (500 EL, 5.6/250mm) 
and it worked fine.

This way the dealer takes the risk if the repair is more expensive 
than he and you estimated. 

Otherwise I would give back this camera and take a better one.
If I were you I would be afraid it could refuse to do its duty in the 
middle of the trip.

best regards
- --
Stefan Kahlert, 
Medizinische Poliklnik der Universitaet Bonn