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Subject: Re: Hmm Great new question - AGE
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 1996 08:48:00 -0700

     Just finished reading the thread, so here are my particulars.
     Presently, I am 33. A Student Affairs Officer at UCSD.
     When I was working in a camera store back in the eighties,
     at the age of 20, I started looking into Leicas.  I previously used 
     Canon and Konica, as well as the old Petri 7s rangefinder I had since 
     age 12 from my mother. I acquired my first Leicas and Nikons while 
     working here.
     My first Leica was the Leitz/minolta CL w/40 M-Rokkor. Then I 
     completed the set with a second CL. 90 M-Rokkor(Leitz version), and a 
     28 M-Rokkor, and a CLE body.  I used this set up in college and grad 
     school until 1992.  With the battery problems and the expense of 
     repairs to my CLs and CLE, I sold everything but the 28 M-Rokkor.  
     I now shoot with an M6, 50 NF-Summicron, 21 f3.4 Super Angulon and the 
     28 M-Rokkor.  I still maintain my Nikon SLRs (FE2's & FM2n's), for the 
     PC lenses, Micros and the two lenses I converted over to Nikon F, 
     Minolta 24 VFC and Canon Tilt/Shift.  
     The Leica lenses are just a joy to shoot with.  To use a previous 
     analogy, SLRs are the sedans of the camera world, rangefinders are the 
     no frills sports cars.

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Subject: Hmm Great new question - AGE
Author: at @UCSD
Date:    05/10/1996 12:24 PM

At 08:59  04/10/96 -0700, you wrote:
>Leicaphiles have a reputation for being the stodgy, old, well heeled 
>grouches of the camera enthusiasts,
>Roger Beamon,  Naturalist & Photographer
>                          Docent:  Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum 
>                          Leica Historical Society Of America
>                          INTERNET:	 
New question for the group.
Just how old are we? It is understandable that possibly the average age of a 
Leica user or collector is somewhat older than say the Nikon, etc. user for 
it takes a higher income or greater assets to acquire a $2,000.00 lens than 
a $200.00 lens.
I don't think of myself as old, stodgy, well heeled or grouchy. At 48, I'm 
just hitting my stride. My 9 year old son does agree with your statement, 
though and thinks that in the interest of estate planning, I should turn 
over my Leica system to him NOW. If I do, does that make him old, stodgy, 
well heeled and grouchy.
Brian Levy, J.D.
Toronto, Ont.
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