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Subject: Re: Hmm Great new question - AGE
From: Brad Reisner <BReisner@BOMC.TIMEINC.COM>
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 1996 14:40:26 +0100

> writes:

>Several months ago I asked if at 30 I was the youngest on the list.  Turned
>out there was one person younger but not by much.  The list membership has
>grown considerably and I am feeling a little less like the youngster.  :)
>I'm often refered to by family and friends as grumpy and grouchy, so maybe
>I fit the bill somehow afterall.  :)

I wasn't going to enter the fray on this one, but after Brian's response, I
couldn't resist - I am only 25, but get grumpy every so often, so perhaps
that makes up for it.
Have a new M6 (wedding gift from my wife - 04/27/96). Have two lenses, both
bought used. My reasoning is that if you're going to buy something (like a
camera), you might as well buy a good one, or you'll eventually have to buy
another one when the first one breaks, or when you outgrow it's

My $0.02.


Brad Reisner
BOMC / Time Warner, Inc.

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