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Subject: Focusing screen options for R bodies
From: "joe b." <>
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 1996 19:22:03 +0100

In message <>, writes
>Got one question though.  If I exchange the viewing screen
>for one of those Beattie type screens, will it make an 
>effective improvement in the light level in the SLR 
>viewfinder, and will it effect the light meter in any 
>way??  I've had good success with the screen in the 
>Rollie SL66 but am not sure about these SLR critters with 
>the built in light meters etc.
>I'm not sure this is necessary yet, but just want to 
>know what options I may have.

I would personally go for ease of focusing rather than brightness any
day. The Rollei screen in my SL66 is my all-time favourite! It snaps
into focus very decisively. As for Leica screen options, the screens for
the R series were improved (made brighter) with around the time of the
R5 (although I could swear I had one of these in an R4s/II) and you
could possibly consider one of these rather than a Beattie. I would not
change the Leica screens in my two R bodies for any off-brand versions,
even if you paid me! I understand the metering is not affected by
updating the screens.
joe b.

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