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Subject: New kid on the block, etc...
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 1996 21:34:09 -0700

Greetings all, 

I've been observing the comings and goings here for 
a few weeks, maybe a few months.  I'm quite impressed
with the range of knowledge and lore within this group.

After contaplating the purchase of a Leica for years, I
finaly made the jump with a mint R4, chrome, with a fresh 
CLA, from the local shop.  Now its time to buy glass.
Later, I'll go the M6 route, but for now I needed one I 
could afford while still going on vacation, and this 
seemed like a cost efficient way into the world of Leica.

Lens should be ariving soon, then time to grab lot of 
Kodachrome and Velvia and off to the high country we go!!

Got one question though.  If I exchange the viewing screen
for one of those Beattie type screens, will it make an 
effective improvement in the light level in the SLR 
viewfinder, and will it effect the light meter in any 
way??  I've had good success with the screen in the 
Rollie SL66 but am not sure about these SLR critters with 
the built in light meters etc.

I'm not sure this is necessary yet, but just want to 
know what options I may have.

Thanks for your help, and take care.


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