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Subject: Re: Looking for an M-4P and Summicron.
From: "C.M. Fortunko" <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 1996 22:51:47 -0600

I agree with Marc Small. There is quite a bit of heresay on this board.

I happen to have the new-design 35mm Summicron. I noticed that this lens has
a tendency to flare. In spite of this, I like the lens very much.

I don't have any experience with the Summilux. I know that Hicks loves them.
However, in one of his books he points out that one of his Summiluxes was a dog.

On the subject of computer design of lenses. Computers have been in use for
a long time. Even before the war, people used various mechanical computers
and tabulating machines. In good hands, these gave wonderful results.

I am not a big fan of computers. They can produce wonderful results in the
hands of capable people. However, their indiscriminate use can lead to real
nonsense. A good engineer should be able to design both ways. The computer
should be an aid, but its results must be validated.

I don't know how to design lenses, but can design various ultrasonic and
vibration transducers. I can tell you that many of the best designs were
arrived at in the 50's by people who really understood the limits of the

Best regards,


At 11:44 PM 7/16/96 -0400, you wrote:
>At 08:32 PM 7/16/96 -0400, Charles E. Love, Jr. wrote:
>>Claude--The old 35 Summilux (very recently discontinued) was, a friend at
>>Leitz tech services told me, by far the poorest of the current M lenses.
>>The design is so old, he said, that it was the last of their lenses designed
>>without the help of a computer!  Optically, it remained the same from the
>>time it was introduced in 1961!  (See Rogliatti for confirmation.) 
>Well, Leitz designed all Wetzlar-produced lenses from 1949 onwards by
>computer, so I seriously suspect your friend hadn't a clue as to what was
>going on -- see Rogliatti, as you snippily advise, for confirmation.
>Second, instead of passing on some stale hearsay -- have you ever USED one
>of these?  They work and, as Roger Hicks smuggly points out, at f/1.4 they
>blow the doors of the f/2 Summicron.
>In any event, if you like the Summicron, try the FIRST generation lens, the
>eight-element jobby.  Quite possibly you'll not be happy with the current
>version thereafter.
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