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Subject: Reflections from a new M6 owner
From: BReisner@BOMC.TIMEINC.COM (Brad Reisner)
Date: Mon, 13 May 1996 18:15:59 +0100

(that would be from a new owner, although the M6 is new also ;-)

I recently received an M6 as a gift from my wife. Questions:

So, which lenses are really NOT compatible ? (I've heard things about the
DR 50, etc. anybody have a full list ?)

What's the big fuss about file loading ? I shot 15 rolls in the last two
weeks, and didn't have any problems, didn't have to trim any leaders,

Any recommended gadgets ? (like the M-grip ?)

Regarding the whole "I-sent-my-strap-back.... etc etc etc" thing...
Personally, the strap that comes with the camera is a bit uncomfortable. Is
the wide strap (advertised by Tamarkin, etc) any better ?

Anything else I should know about ?


(P.S. FWIW, my old camera, fyi, is a contax G1, which my wife has now more
or less claimed as her own... I'm still not sure I understand all of the
implications ;-)

Brad Reisner
Manager, Technology & Development
Book-of-the-Month Club / Time Warner, Inc.

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