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Subject: Re: M lens for 645 format
From: "joe b." <>
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 1996 18:43:28 +0100

In message <>, TK Chan
<> writes
>I've been reading the Digests for some time and find them most interesting.
>Yes, I am a Leica owner but of the R breed and unfortunately, dicussion on
>the R in this forum is rare to find. I used to own a M4 outfit in my younger
>days but decided to trade it for the R in that I find the SLR view can
>provide me with a 'real sight' in 'real time' as far as composition of the
>picture is concerned. This said, I must stress that it is my own personal
>preference in my own photo assignments.
>Anyway, I am now using the M lenses again, this time converted to fit into
>my Mamiya 645 Pro, the result of which is stuntingly wonderful.
>The M lenses I use are the Elmar 135 f/4 and Telyt 200 f/4. A 3rd one is on
>the way - an Elmarit 90 f/2.8.  The image coverage area of these lenses is
>more than adequate to give a corner to corner sharpness. This is confirmed
>when the negative is viewed in my enlarger (I do my own color printing).
>The richness of colour and resolution typical of Leica characteristics is
>fully retained on the 645 format. The quality of print made out of it, I can
>only say, is speechlessly beautiful.
>I don't know whether anybody out there is doing the same like me. But I hope
>this provides a '3rd encounter' dimension of the M lenses. 

Unghhh prfft skrfffftttt!

Once in a blue moon, I hear something that revises my understanding of
the universe I inhabit.

So, some questions. 

(1) When you say you have these M lenses converted, what exactly do you
have done to them? Can this be done by fitting M lenses into a custom
made converter, or do the lenses actually have to be modified?

(2) You refer to coverage on the negative. Is the coverage good enough
to use slide film in this setup without vignetting? 

(3) How do you select which lenses to do this with? What I mean is- do
you select those particular focal lengths for any reason to do with
compatibility with this format, or are they simply the focal lengths you
would want to use anyay?

Anticipating some slightly different medium format photography...
joe b.

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