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Subject: Re: Leica M6 light meter
From: Barrett_Bill/
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 95 16:05:03 -0600

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> 	I got my (8-year old) M6 in May. Have wondered why I
> 	waited so long to get one. But during the first month,
> 	I did find the light meter operating intermittently. I
> 	tried replacing the batteries. It worked only a little
> 	better. I was worried that the M6 might be a battery pig.
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Because the M6 doesn't have an "off" switch for the light meter (as
such), it's a good habit to turn the shutter speed to B when you are
putting the camera away.  Yes, that includes putting it  back into the
bag if it's for more than a short time.  This turns the meter off, and
will save batteries significantly.  (The problem is that the meter is
turned on by that slight touch of the finger on the shutter release, and
that's an easily and accidentally duplicated condition in the depths of
a camera bag.  I really ran down some batteries before I acquired the

Bill Barrett
Webster University
St. Louis MO usa

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