Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1992/10/07

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To: leica-users
Subject: Re: Nice RFs
From: (Chuck Liang)
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 92 22:04:45 EDT
Posted-Date: Wed, 7 Oct 92 22:04:45 EDT Writes:

I always keep an Olympus XA in my pocket, I mean gosh, I might kick
myself if I saw the shot of a lifetime and I didn't have a camera.

  ...   and the rangefinder is, as before,
not particularly easy to see, but far easier than any screw Leica and
it has a meter. ...

  I beg to differ.  The rangefinders on Leica screwmount cameras are
in my opinion unequaled in terms of ease of use.  Because they are
seperated from the viewfinder, they have far greater magnification
than rangefinders of other cameras.  You have a large round, magnified
window just for the rangefinder, allowing you to clearly see the
details you're focusing on.  Switching to the viewfinder after
focusing isn't really that painful, especially for IIIb and later
models that have the two windows close togeather.

  I have a friend who has an XA and I found its rangfinder rather
painful to use.  The rangefinder spot was kind of fuzzy - no
comparison to the screwmount Leica's rangefinder, which just "snaps"
into focus.  The XA's focusing lever is also so small it's difficult
to grasp.